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Demo of the updated digital edition.  Choices and integration are the key elements of this release.

Update 5.7: 

I completely redesigned the html that displays the layout.  Instead of having multiple wallpapers that you could select to choose a given texture and lighting, everything is now built in separate html layers.  There are a lot more options in the configureMe.js script.  You will be able to choose from 26 bg style, 8 lighting style (with a dimmer and light frame setting), 20 logo style for lockscreen, shelves on/off (for sb), display and thumb buttons color, and few other things.

The menu bar and text in the display are now available in the 5 languages supported by the script.  So setting up the language will configure the date language and menu now.

You can now completely disable the weather part.  When disabled, the weather script isn’t loaded (the weather isnt just hidden), so battery and resources will be saved.

You can also choose to just turn off the weather icon, or date.

I also created a new, brighter, icon style, and made them available in 7 colors.  The darker set is now also available in all 7 colors.

The MBEx theme, page dots, lockscreen sliders (now with answer/cancel slider.. sorry no service on my i4, so I never use the phone..) and SBSettings are also available in the 7 colors as well.


  • 16 sets of 1100+ icons
  • 1 awesome digital display widget
  • Fully customizable lockscreen and springboard
  • 26 different background textures
  • 7 display and buttons colors
  • 8 lighting styles (including dim, and light frame settings)
  • Enable/disable shelves
  • Menu and widget available in 5 languages
  • 20 Switcher BGs (stock iOS folders and multi task dock bgs)
  • 20 FolderEnhancer BGs
  • 100(!!) Siri BGs (the bg when you bring up Siri)
  • 20 BulletinListLinens (the notification center bg)
  • 20 Snowcover4 BGs
  • 7 Page dots colors
  • 7 Lock slider colors
  • 7 Snowcover4 Overlays
  • 7 MBEx theme
  • 1 SBSettings theme (7 colors) 
  • 4 Iconoclasm custom layouts
  • Themed Anicons, Useful Icons, iPodControl and Twicon that blends inside the widget’s display.
  • PSD included to create your own custom layout (or change the language of the hardcoded stuff).

Made the SBSettings window available in 7 colors, the dark version of the icons are now available in all 7 colors as well.

There is now 8 different sort of lighting, as well as a dim and light frame setting.

The dim settings will set the lighting layer to 40% instead of 100%, if you happen to find the light effect too strong.  The light frame setting adds a light frame to the spotlight type of lights.

As I mentionned yesterday, the MBEx theme is also available in all 7 colors as well.

When I originally did the dark blue icons that was bundled with the digital edition, I also made a red version.  However, with the display only available in blue… it looked so-so.  Now that the display can be switched to any colors, here is the red version.

I also redid the clear non-colored version.  Looks really nice!

Not sure I’ll be doing the other colors in dark versions… maybe in future updates…  

Either way, all those different styles of icons (each available with nearly 1200 glyphs), will be included in the upcoming digital edition update, happening sometimes next week.

I will also release the icons package separately, if you only wish to have the icons.

Each sets comes with matching PodControl and WeatherIcons.

Here is the deal regarding the upcoming update to the digital edition:

As you can see in the configureMe.js screenshots, quite a few new things changed.

You can now choose the bg style (20 styles), bg gradient(3 styles), bg noise (on/off), display color (7 colors), buttons color (7 colors), middle shelf (on/off), dock shelf (on/off), menu items and date/time localized in 5 languages.

The two highlited buttons (home and tools) are also available in their respective colors as well.

In both UImages and Bundles/, you will find colored page dots as well.

So beside configuring the configureMe.js script, you should only need to move the appropriate winterboard pages for your language, and choice color for the highlited buttons, and choose your page dots style, and that’s it!  

The wall/lock won’t be selectable from Settings no more tho.  It’s all set in the script.

Oh, and the update will also include my newer icons sets, available in 7 colors.  Free to those who purchased the main digital theme, and will also be avail for separate purchase at 0.99$  (this whole digital package is a total deal breaker if you haven’t realized..)

The digital edition has yet to come live (it’s a matter of hours now) to Cydia that I’m working on a MASSIVE update to it.

I have increased the glyphs available in my custom icons set to nearly 1200.

They will first be available for the digital edition, then I’ll update the others as well.

The first update to the digital edition will include a rethinked design regarding the html/images to build the layout.

I have splitted the image in many overlay parts that displays in a certain order to give you the same look as before.

But now, the menu items, the display, thumb buttons down below, are all split up in different images.  So, right from the config script, I’ll be able to let you select the display color, the language of the menu items will match the language set in the config file (that works on the widget now), the lighting style, and bg style.

This will result in a relatively smaller theme size, and will allow you to create some awesome colored layouts.

The page dots are now available in all colors as well.

So after configuring your style in the config script, all you will need to do, is rename the pages to match your choice of color (for the thumb button, home and tools), and language for the pressed button state (Page1-Page2-Page3-Page5)…

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